13 October 2006


I like that phrase, "Thank god it's Friday." And I get to say it today, because it really is Friday for me. The next two days are the only two days I actually get "off" in the month. Of course, I have a lot of tax stuff I need to do, so I'll still be working a little bit... but hopefully not a lot.

I go tonight to see the Heron Players perform "The Pedigree Murders." I'm a little nervous - Dick Hale is an enormously talented and funny scriptwriter, and I hear in this play, the cast uses the River Journal to find the clues to solve the mystery.

Clark Fork hosts the District 1A volleyball tournament beginning Wednesday next week. The Lady Cats will go up against the Lakeside Knights.

I read in the New York Times today that China is considering implementing labor laws that will make unions more powerful - and American corporations are opposing it. I don't know enough about the issue to determine which side I believe is correct... but given China's image of labor abuse, I don't think this position makes our businesses look very good.

I had an email from Paul Krames telling me that his letter to the editor in the Bonner County Daily Bee had all references to myself and the River Journal 'purged.' It's something they do a lot. Our English teacher at Clark Fork had her class do a story on time management, and told the students the winning essay would be printed in the Bee (per an agreement with editor Caroline Lobsinger, who assured Chandra she'd be willing to print student work). My daughter won the contest... and she wrote about me. It will be interesting to see if the Bee keeps its promise.

The political season must be well underway 'cause I just heard some nasty (and completely untrue) rumors about Rep. George Eskridge this morning. I wonder why it is that people feel so comfortable in making up stuff about the candidate they don't want to vote for?

I just got the following from the Bonner County Democrats... a schedule of upcoming candidate forums.Mark your calendars and go learn firsthand what the candidates have to say:
Monday - October 16: Sandpoint Bee forum @ High School - County Candidates 6:30 p.m.Tuesday - October 17: Sandpoint Bee forum @ High School - State Candidates 6:30 p.m .Wednesday - October 18: Sandpoint Bee forum @ High School - All Candidates 6:30 p.m.Thursday - October 19: Priest River Chamber Forum @ PR Jr High - All Candidates 6 p.m.Friday - October 20: Blue Lake Grange Forum @ Blue Lake Grange - All Candidates 7 p.m.Saturday - October 21: Blanchard Grange Forum @ Blanchard Grange - All Candidates 6:30 p.m.Friday - October 27: Edgemere Grange Forum @ Edgemere Grange - All Candidates 7 p.m.

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