11 October 2006

Oh My

Well, another issue of the newspaper is off to the printer and should hit the streets this afternoon. Get a sneak peek if you want here.

Congratulations to Helen Newton, who won the contest to "Name that Column." Scott Johnson's new sports column now goes under the appellation: As I See It, Scott Johnson puts a Spotlight on Sports.

The "spotlight on sports" part was something Scott really liked, but As I See it was the winner in a contest that sported (pun intended) some rather odd entries. Here's what we had to choose from:
20/20 Sportstalk
Are you Ready to Fumble
Armchair Quarterback
As I Saw It
Balls Balls Balls
Critical Analysis
For Love of the Game
From the Sidelines
Game Gab
Jabbering Jocks
Jock Talk
Play by Play
Scoring with Scott
Scott's Hot Shots
Scott's Scoreboard
Scott's Sport Spotlight
Scott's Thoughts
Scott's Turf
Shoulda Coulda Woulda
Speaking of Sports
Sport Up North Idaho
Sports Cast
Sports Edge
Sports Splash
Sports Talk
Sports Yarns
Time Out with Scott
The Best Damn Sports Column Period
The Couch
The Couch Coach
The Crowd Goes Wild
The Inside Pitch
The Jock Strap
Unofficially Speaking
Wade Boggs
Wade Through Boggs

Tired this morning. We had a volleyball game in Mullan last night and, on the way home on the bus, one of the girls jammed her thumb badly and it looked like she might have broken it. So we spent a while at the emergency room at Bonner General. (The lady there was so cute - I had come in once to use the restroom and she slid open her little window to ask, "Do you have a busload of kids out there?" Yep, we did.)

Got home about midnight, then spent the next hour finishing uploading all the new stories to the River Journal website... plus the graphics that go along with the story about solutions to traffic congestion in Sandpoint. Hope people go to look at them (head to the homepage here). There's graphics showing the current road design at the railroad underpass just north of the chamber of commerce on Fifth Ave., and at the intersection of Highways 95 and 200, plus graphics showing how it could be, at little more than the price of paint. Sandpoint's Public Works committee was so impressed with the ideas they're recommending the City Council hold a special workshop to see if these changes couldn't be accomplished before the snow flies.

Okay, time to go pick up the paper and get it delivered. Happy Wednesday folks.

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