04 October 2006

Happy Birthday plus one day

Just to let Dave Olivera know... I'm not afraid of my age. I turned 44 yesterday - I'm just a spring chicken!

Okay, the girls didn't beat Wallace (said to be the best team in our conference) but man, did they give them a game. I haven't seen rallies that long in quite a while. I was really proud of our Lady Cats.

Long day today, though. I tried to post this morning, but the website was either down, or I just wasn't awake enough to make it function. The second is a distinct possibility. I got to bed about 1:30 THIS morning, and had to get up early to teach a class at the school. And the day has gone on... and on. Think I'll make it an early night tonight.

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Bob said...

Happy Birthday! Glad to see you on Huckleberries, Dave's got a great group on there now and it can be pretty fun.