21 October 2006

It's a Volleyball Day

Well, I'm awake now. Was drinking my first cup of coffee while sitting at the computer, taking care of emails and catching up on the news when my stereo system (that would be Windows Media Player)segued from a run of John Coltrane into a performance of Georgia... a RAP performance. I trade music with my kids all the time, but that was one I hadn't realized was in my list of songs. (And it shouldn't be - there's some rap I like, but Georgia? Man, that song's a classic and should remain untouched.) Of course, in the time it took me to write this, the music has now moved on to... a spoonful of sugar. It's quite a variety I listen to. :0)

I'll be heading over to Clark Fork High School shortly to set up a 'hospitality room' for the District 1A Volleyball tournament that we're hosting today. I'm the scorekeeper for Clark Fork, so will be at the school most of the day (the first game is at 10 am, the last is scheduled to begin at 3:30 pm). Lucky for me, volleyball coach extraordinaire Cindy Derr offered to share scorekeeping duties today, so I'm going to ask her to switch off with me this morning. It will be my first chance this season to get some pictures of the girls playing. If any turn out well (it's hard to take pictures of volleyball... at least, it is for me) I'll stick 'em up here.

Continued changes are going on at the River Journal. I'll be unveiling my newest "re-design" of the front page in our issue that comes out on the 25th and you'll meet a new columnist on November 8th. We're saying good-bye to Mike Gearlds this month (he's off to greener, and hopefully more lucrative, pastures after a disagreement over editorial content) and I'll miss his take on local issues. But we have a couple of interesting replacements lined up, and I think readers are going to enjoy our newest voice. Not that I know who it is yet... I'm waiting to hear if the "number one pick" wants to take on a monthly column, but the number two pick is also very good.

There's a chance we'll have a new cartoonist as well... so don't miss your River Journals in the issues to come and let me know what you think of the changes.

Okay, I have some Rice Krispie treats that still need to be made this morning so it's off to the kitchen.

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