23 October 2006

It's not my Friday

In fact, it's not even a regular Monday. It's a deadline Monday and here I sit at 4:45 am with 11 pages yet to finish on this week's issue of the paper. Unfortunately, my anti-virus program is set to scan in the wee hours of the morning, and it makes everything run r e a l l y slow... especially my memory-hog design programs. Which gives me time to catch up on the blog before I catch up on the paper.

It was a busy weekend. Clark Fork hosted the District 1A (North Star League) volleyball championships on Saturday. I was at the school at 8 am and got home again close to 7 pm. Clark Fork's young team put up a bit of a fight for it, but will not be going to state. They came in third, beaten by the league champion Wallace Miners (for the third time this season) and losing a second match to Coeur d'Alene Charter, after taking them in three games in the first match. It was a fun day as a spectator/scorekeeper and one of the Wallace girls had a t-shirt I plan to buy for my oldest daughter. It read, "you WISH you could hit like a girl."

Yesterday David and I drove down to Coeur d'Alene for the North Idaho Aids Coalition Wine Auction where I once again proved that I should never be let loose in an auction with money. (Because I'll spend it.) I didn't do too badly, however. I bought two lift tickets to Schweitzer Mountain (I don't ski, but my children do) and a beautiful, black and white print of a barn with snow taken by the one and only Ernie Hawks.

Interesting email sent out today by Marcia Phillips, a compilation of some headlines from the Bud Mueller years as County Commissioner - or, what we used to refer to as the "Bud and Larry Show." (Bud is running again this election season after winning the Republican primary.) A republican herself, Marcia is encouraging people NOT to vote for Mueller or for Lewis Rich, who's also running for a commissioner's seat.

Oops... virus scan done so it's off to work on a newspaper.

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