09 September 2006

Welcome to the River Journal's Blog!

And so it begins.

I've been searching for a way to make the River Journal more interactive, and Marianne Love's addiction to blogs gave us just the answer. Now you can comment on the current edition of the paper, and get a response right back. Or as right back as my not always online workday can make it.

I'm cheating here - it's only Saturday afternoon, and no one will know about this 'til the next issue comes out on Wednesday, but I'll be delivering papers all day Wednesday and won't have time to write anything then. And I thought I should go ahead and start you all out.

Mike Gearld's cartoon in this issue takes on Bonner County Commissioner Karl Dye's write-in campaign for re-election this fall to the seat in District 3. Dye, a Republican, lost in the primaries to Lewis Rich. With no Democratic opponent for the seat, Rich was guaranteed the position without a write-in candidate.

That result created a schism in the local Republican party, it seems, as hundreds of registered Republicans signed a petition encouraging Dye to run as a write-in candidate. Seems they didn't want to vote for their party's official candidate.

With voters in the primaries casting a "throw the bums out" ballot, current commissioner Marcia Phillips was also defeated, by former Bonner County Commissioner Bud Mueller. He also seems to be less than acceptable to some of the Republican populace, who have vowed to cross party lines and vote for the Democratic candidate this fall.

Any comments on what's going on in the Republican party locally?


MLove said...

No comments about Republicans. No comments about Democrats. And, no comments about write-ins. My only comment and hope is that whoever gets elected works WITH the other elected officials to do their jobs during their terms in office instead of against them.

I would hope they'd leave the politics at the door step once they report for work and represent the citizenry of Bonner County. The people of Bonner County generally don't care about the political labels; they just want the job done and done to the best of each worker's ability.

Good luck with your blog, Trish.

Observer said...

The amazing thing to me is how the GOP has buffaloed so many working class folks into supporting their pro-big business, pro-rich, pro-elite party. Anyone who votes GOP and makes under $100k a year is a fool. Secretly, of course, one of these days I'd hope to have enough money to vote Republican. Until then, I'll do like Harry Truman said -- "If you want to live like the Republicans, you better vote for the Democrats."

As for Dye, with the uproar about property taxes now, he has about as much chance of winning a write-in campaign as the school levy had of passing.