27 September 2006

A Beautiful Wednesday Morning

The sun is peeking over Antelope now, and the coffee tastes especially good, given how early I got up, and how late I got home last night.

The new issue of the River Journal made it to the printer yesterday, and will be out in racks all over the place just as soon as I drive to Spokane today and get it. You can get a peek at it now, however, right here online.

This issue features our first sports column by Scott Johnson... I didn't think he was gonna make it, but he snuck it in under the wire. It needs a name, though, and to encourage your submissions, we're offering a $50 gift certificate to Dock of the Bay if you come up with the name we choose.

The forum last night, which the River Journal co-sponsored, was a resounding success if I do say so myself. There were some wonderful ideas for improving traffic now, which you'll read about in our next River Journal... that would be the October 11 issue.

Autumn is a busy time. We have our first Booster Club meeting tonight at Clark Fork High School, Homecoming is next week, I'll be out with students on Friday selling advertising for their yearbook and newspaper, we're celebrating my friend Jacque's 60th birthday on Saturday night, my own birthday is next Tuesday, we're already starting to look at the 2007 season for the Festival at Sandpoint, the winter issue of Sandpoint Magazine is getting really close to printing (and yes, Billie Jean, I'll get my story done REALLY soon)... and on it goes. Guess you'll be hearing about most all of this stuff here at some point.

Now it's time to get ready to hit the road. Don't forget to send those suggestions for a title for the sports column. You can email me at trish(at)riverjournal.com. Use the 'at' symbol of course... I'm just trying to avoid those spambots here.

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Billie Jean said...

Trish, you're off the hook for this issue of Sandpoint Magazine. You get to take a break from contributing any written words for the little mag, but just this time.