14 September 2006

The River Journal 13 September 2006

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Assessments Ongoing by Trish Gannon - Bonner County residents still have some avenues left to pursue changes in their property valuation.
Study of Forestry Returns by Marylyn Cork - Priest River Lamanna High School students will start raising knapweed bugs next year.
Ulm Peak is Smokin' Up the Skies by Trish Gannon - fire blazing on the Idaho/Montana border.
Sunday Drive by Trish Gannon - Pack up the family and friends and head out to a high school athletic event.
From the Mouth of the River by Boots Reynolds - There's Aunts in the sugar bowl!
The Eighth Deadly Sin by Scott Clawson - When God looked for procrastination, he found man.
The Hawk's Nest by Ernie Hawks - Reflections on the role of water.
The Scenic Route with Sandy Compton - The Sanders County Fair
Sky King by Mike Gearlds - Library DVD brings a 'blast from the past.'
Faith Walk by Gary Payton - the season of terrorist attacks reminds us that Jesus gave us a demanding charge.
Prevention is Always Preferable to Destruction by Kate Wilson - Conservation Districts are the landowners local resource.
Research by Hobe Jenkins, PhD - a barrel full of data from Lake Pend Oreille
From the Files of the TRJ Surrealist Research Bureau by Jody Forest - Seeds of Great Cthulhu
Urban Legends by Trish Gannon- How stupid do you have to be to boycott a stamp?
Computer Help by Melody Martz- customizing Word for the things you do repeatedly.
A Seat in the House by ID Rep. George Eskridge- What, exactly, did the Legislature do about property tax relief?
Montana Viewpoint by MT Sen. Jim Elliott- As Montana's population increases, so does the need to direct the change.

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Anonymous said...

RE: Study of Forestry Returns, wouldn't the goats and sheep later deposit a goodie package full of seed on a new area? I'm all for the bugs and plastic bags tied over the flowers before they bloom and go to seed. I know, I know, what if the plastic bag blows off then there's non biodegradible plastic ....