26 November 2006

A weekend project

Tried to post to this blog last week but couldn't log on and then it was deadline... family visiting... the holidays... and other projects.

On Saturday, my daughter Amy and I went over to the high school here in Clark Fork and decorated a Christmas tree for the school. This was a booster club project... folks are welcome to buy a $1 raffle ticket, and one lucky winner is going to get a fully decorated Christmas tree delivered to their home.

The tree, a 6' fir purchased from Wilson Auto in Sandpoint at a discounted price, includes the stand, over 1100 lights, over 8 dozen ornaments, a wampus cat tree topper, a storage box for the ornaments, surge protector, glass vase, blue fleece blanket/tree skirt, and a CFHS stadium seat to cushion those bleachers during basketball season. Get a ticket by calling the school at 266-1131 or stopping by some day. The tree will be delivered December 16.

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