13 November 2006

Monday Reflections

The day started with a call from my oldest daughter, telling me that the television news said school was closed today. I told my youngest daughter to go back to bed. About 45 minutes later the oldest daughter called back to say the TV news apologized for the misinformation, Lake Pend Oreille School District schools were actually open (while the news bar scrolling school closures still had it listed). I woke youngest daughter and let her know she was going to be late for school.

I'm learning that if I don't put things on the calendar, I forget to do them. I think the days of keeping everything in my head might be gone. At 11:30 I had a call from Eve's Leaves wondering why I wasn't there to try on the clothes I'll be modeling on Holly Eve (Oh, yes, I model. Let that be a warning to you, stay away from Marilyn Sabella when she wants something.) I wasn't there because my HEAD said I was supposed to be there Wednesday morning. 30 minutes late before even leaving Clark Fork, I followed a car pulling a boat in today's gusty winds - he never made it over 35 mph. I applaud his sense of safety, but why does that always happen when I'm late?

Just FYI, Eve's Leaves carries clothes that will cover up a LOT of belly fat.

I got home around ten after five after doing all my "town" chores, checked my email, and found one that included an agenda for the Festival Board meeting - which started tonight at 5:30... in Sandpoint.

I called with my regrets. I rarely miss a meeting, and I HATE to miss one due to stupidity. My only excuse is that these meetings almost always take place on a deadline Monday - which would be NEXT Monday. See, the head is not reliable anymore.

I also had an email from Avista, letting me know where all the power outtages are. I'm so glad they email to let folks know. Why did that make me laugh?

I discovered that if you spray paint in the house, 'cause it's cold and windy and wet outside and the rain has blown all over the porch and gotten it wet, you will get high. You will also get paint on the kitchen floor that's almost impossible to remove, and you will discover the kitchen floor is much too close to the woodstove for spray painting.

If you spray paint a rubber ball, it takes a LONG time for it to dry. And yes, the fingerprints will show from checking.

If you spray paint golf tees, the spray shoots them all over the front porch (once you've moved there from the kitchen floor.)

If you're wondering why anyone would spray paint a rubber ball and golf tees, then you've never tried to create a tail for a wampus cat.

If you don't remember to make all the phone calls you need to make before you leave the house, then don't plan on remembering to take the phone numbers with you so you can make the calls from town on the cell phone.

And finally, if you're not willing to wait five minutes with the front door open while the cat decides whether it REALLY has to go outside when it's cold, rainy and windy outside, then the cat will pee on the floor.

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